CARBONDALE, Ill. (WJPF) — A North Carolina man was arrested in Carbondale after a gay rights protest Sunday.

The arrest happened around 8:30 p.m. near the intersection of Eastbound Route 13 and South Washington Street.

According to Carbondale Police, towards the end of the protest and march, officers were made aware one of the demonstrators had spray painted graffiti on a retaining wall along South University Avenue.

The suspect, 20-year-old Thomas Bruefach, was located by police. When officers tried to place him under arrest, police say he resisted.

During the arrest, three other people approached the officers and were pepper sprayed after police say they refused to leave the immediate area. No injuries were reported.

After Bruefach was placed in a police vehicle, that vehicle was hit with a flagpole by one of the demonstrators. It was not damaged.

Bruefach was taken to the Carbondale Police Station, issued a pair of citations, and then released pending court appearances.

Police say additional graffiti was found after this incident, but it’s not known if it’s associated with the demonstration.