CIL Breakfast Club

On Air:

Mon to Fri - 6:00AM - 10:00AM

April may hold down the show, but she is backed by a HUGE cast of characters!

Rob Thies on News and you don’t want to miss Thies time at 7:42 am!

Matt Varney on Sports, schooling April on Sports, and basically telling April there are sports.

The Producer:  who refuses to be publicly associated with the show.  (And we can’t blame him really)

The TV Diva! – who keeps April on her toes about all the best reality shows and more!

Most importantly, YOU!  The Breakfast Clubbers ARE The Breakfast Club and we appreciate each and every one of you.  Especially our repeat offenders like Tumbleweed, Tammy, Paula, Kari and Haven, and of course OG Tyler!

We LOVE our Breakfast Clubbers!   Thank you OG Tyler for being a part of the show!