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Train Selfie?? Bad Idea!
The Oxford Dictionary recently added "Selfie" as an official word of the English language.  It's been quite the year for people taking selfies too, Ex: Ellen DeGeneres/Bradley Cooper at the Oscars.  So you want to take a unique selfie?  Beware of WHERE you take that picture/video.

A guy named Jared Michael attempted to take a video selfie by a set of railroad tracks as a train was passing by. Mr. Michael claims to have been at a "safe distance", that distance, must have only been a leg's length away, because he got KICKED IN THE HEAD!  Check out the video below!

Don't be THAT guy/girl.  Let this story be a valuable lesson for where it is appropriate or is not appropriate to take a selfie. Disclaimer: Do not try this at home or on your own time.

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Hilarious Southwest Flight Attendant - Video
So, anybody who has flown understands how mundane the "Safety Instructions" can be.  This Southwest Flight Attendant made the presentation a little more lively for every on board this flight!  

We know the next time youfly, You'll hope to have this AWESOME Flight Attendant on board.  Check it out below.

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Professor gets PUNK'D on April Fools
Most people are up for a great April Fools joke, right?  A group of college students in Grand Rapids, Michigan at Aquinas College may have pulled THE BEST in-school April Foolks prank EVER.

Their favorite macro-economics professor has quite the policy.  Any calls received in his class must be answered on SPEAKERPHONE!  Well....maybe, just maybe, that won't be his policy any more.  Check out the video below.

WARNING: The video starts out VERY loud. Adjust volume accordingly.

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