Fracking Protesters Hit Illinois State Fair In Springfield

Anti-fracking protestors are spreading their message to Springfield for the political days of the Illinois State Fair.

With a giant puppet of Gov. Pat Quinn leading the way, dozens of anti-fracking protestors chanted their way in to the Crowne Plaza Hotel where the annual Democratic County Chairmen’s brunch was being held Wednesday.

At first, security tried to bar the doors and keep the protestors from coming in. They eventually called police.

Seth Whitehead with the pro-fracking group Illinois In Depth was also there and says the effort is too little too late. “They were screaming ‘This is what democracy looks like.’ Well the anti-fracking groups know that the Illinois Hydraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act passed overwhelmingly in the House and the Senate,” said Whitehead.

The governor signed the fracking bill into law over a year ago, but the regulations haven’t been implemented. Whitehead says that likely won’t happen until after the election.

The same protestors also have a few things planned for today’s Republican day at the fair.

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